Category: Restoring the Mountains


The past year, 2017, many have heard the voice of the Lord directing them to the Sons of Issachar.   The Sons of Issachar had understanding of the signs of the times.  (I Chronicles 12:32) So what is the correct understanding of our times?    We need to start by asking,...
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Four-way Stops and Lawlessness

Near our home there is a four-way stop on a road that leads to a very busy store. The road is always filled with cars and over time I have been watching the behavior of drivers at the stop signs. Either they have stopped teaching how four-way stops work or...
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Why Christians Should Vote

During the last election in the US we heard that a lot of Christians who were solid in their faith would not be casting a vote on election day. They were principled and they refused to vote for someone they felt did not follow scriptural truths. Because they refused to...
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