The past year, 2017, many have heard the voice of the Lord directing them to the Sons of Issachar.   The Sons of Issachar had understanding of the signs of the times.  (I Chronicles 12:32) So what is the correct understanding of our times?    We need to start by asking, “Father, what is your understanding of the of the time we are now?”

A few years ago the Lord made it extremely clear to me that it was critical that His people must pray as one in alignment with His will for the season.  The instruction is even more urgent today.  Here is what He revealed at that time.

While attending a weekly pastors/leaders prayer meeting, there were cries to God for what seemed like conflicting things.  All the requests were godly things; all the “re’s” associated with the church through the years.  Some were crying for renewal, some identification repentance, others a new reformation, but most were adamant for revival.  On the way home my thoughts were how is the Lord ever going to answer that mixture of intercession—there was no unity, there was no oneness, there was no “one voice”.  Instantly it seemed He was smiling and said, “You should have heard the noise from this side.”

Even though it made me laugh at the moment, it also got my attention.  He continued to reveal that until we of His Body, started interceding “as one” for what is on His heart there would be little change.  The next logical question is “What is on Your heart, Lord?”   Answer:  REVOLUTION.   That seemed like a violent idea.

Through considerable study of the various concepts, I thought I had the revelation of what God was desiring.  WRONG!   Today, 15 years later, it became clear what the Lord was after then and where He is now. He began to explain his position.

Reformation was rooted in the concept that doctrines needed to be changed, not necessarily the Catholic Church.  According to the definition of reformation it is to form again or to change.  Consequently the Reformation was only the tip of the iceberg,  and today we have Catholic man-made dogma and Protestant man-made dogma. However, we praise the Lord for it. But, what was the Lord’s next intent?

Reformation opened the way for Revivals.  Revivals come and go.  Major revivals were ordained of God.  Each one was important for that time but none were lasting.    Revivals are spiritual “movements” in specific locations that normally reverberated and have some effect in other areas.  Some brought forth additional reformation. He said, “Just as in the natural,  movements are body functions that come to pass, so it is with spiritual movements. They all come to pass. He was not looking for another revival but something more lasting.

Revolution was what was being revealed at the time.   The revolution was not to be physically violent but spiritually violent.  That lined up with the Word according in Matthew 11:12, “And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and the violent take it by force.”  The definition of revolution that I accepted was to revolve, complete circle, revolve back to original position.  My understanding then was to intercede for a spiritual revolution to bring us back to God’s original plan.

Just today the fuller understanding of the heart of God for revolutionary intercession was to target and combat the worldly revolution that was advancing in our cultural mountains, such as family, education, government, arts, media  and even the church. By this time the sexual revolution of the 60’s was coming full force breaking down traditional family values.  All levels of education were manipulating changing conservative or righteous thinking to progressive socialist thinking by altering subjects such social studies, history, literature.  An anti-Christ revolution was capturing the thinking in America and all over the world.

In the contemporary Longman dictionary for learners of English of all ages, revolution is defined as a complete change in ways of thinking.  The two areas mentioned as examples are how education has completely changed the thinking of society and the biggest social revolution is the sexual revolution that started on 1960.  We are now experiencing the results of our not understanding the times that God was revealing to us in the early 2000’s.  He desired that the one voice of His church get on the same page with revolutionary intercession to push back the gates of hell that warping the thinking of our children and society.

That was then. This is now. God is not moving in reformation, revival or revolution.  He is now ready for the restoration of all things. Restoration is defined as the action of returning something to a former owner, place or condition. It is time we all get on God’s page of time and gain understanding of His understanding  of the times as did the Sons of Issachar

Acts 3:21, “whom (Jesus) heaven must receive until the times of restoration of all things,

Which God has spoken by the mouth of all His holy prophets since the world began.”

The moral of this story is “Church, it is time we begin to pray with (God’s) understanding of the times.  The Lord is listening for the one voice crying out for restoration of all things. Whatever cultural mountain(s) the Lord has assigned to you, pray for RESTORATION that your mountain be restored and returned to its former Owner and condition.  To God be the glory!

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