Power in the Kingdom

The other day while reading the account of Jesus healing Jairus’ daughter I learned something new about walking in the Kingdom of God. I have been on a quest for some time now to fully understand what it means to be in the Kingdom of God here on earth. Within me there is an awe and a wonder that seems to grow daily, but trying to put it into words escapes me.

It is though I am walking in a wondrous country, but I don’t know the language very well yet. I catch a phrase here or there and am delighted I understand it, but I realize that the depth of the language is not mine yet.

As I was reading about Jairus (Mark 5 or Luke 8) several things stood out to me. First of all, Jairus was a ruler of the synagogue. There is a lot written and said about how to influence the 7 Cultural Mountains (government, business, education, family, arts and entertainment, media, and religion) and yet it seemed that Jesus influenced them just by living His every-day life. They sought Him out. They knew He walked in the power of God.

Secondly, Jesus was focused. Just as Jairus made his plea for Jesus to come heal his dying daughter, the woman with issue of blood touched the hem of Jesus’ cloak. Jesus knew how to follow the Spirit’s leading in the moment. He had an urgent request on His plate, but something very significant had happened and He needed to focus there.

While Jesus was speaking to the woman who had been healed of her bleeding, people came from Jairus’ house to say not to bother to come. The little girl had died. What would our reaction be? I know I would have probably begun blaming myself for getting distracted and not leaving soon enough. Not Jesus. He just reassured Jairus not to be afraid, just to believe.

When they reached his house the people were all weeping and mourning. If you have ever heard Middle Eastern mourning, you know it was loud. Jesus just spoke to the mourners and said she was not dead, only asleep. They laughed at Him. They knew what dead looked like.

Jesus sent all the unbelievers out and took the little girl’s hand. He spoke to her, “Little girl, arise” and immediately her spirit returned to her. Jesus then very practically told them to give her something to eat.

As I read the passages I saw deeper into the way we are to live in the Kingdom. Jesus remained steady and focused on the leading of the Spirit. He wasn’t pulled by circumstances, people’s emotions, or ridicule. He didn’t think of how He looked or what people thought of Him. His goal was to do the will of His Father from day-to-day living all the way to the cross.

And, as a result, miracles flowed from His life. The dead lived, the sick were healed, hearts were changed, and man’s ideas of society and religion were shaken. Because of His death and resurrection, we in whom He now lives have been given the same power and authority on this earth. What we say led of the Spirit is as true and as powerful as the words He spoke.

Jesus said, “Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” For us to walk vibrantly in His Kingdom here on earth, the will of the Father has to be our only goal. Not our will, not the will of our spouse, not the will of our pastor, nor the will of anyone else on earth. Jesus put every will contrary to the will of God out of the room before He spoke in faith, “Little girl, arise.”

We cannot preach the Kingdom of God nor walk in power in it if we allow ourselves or any other person to place their will over the will of God in our lives. I am beginning to think that is why we are not seeing the power of God we long to see.

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